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client challenges.

Our journey with Secure Wolf Locksmiths began right at the start of the company formation. Here is what Secure Wolf asked of the pointdot team:

  • Create a logo for the brand that incorporates a wolf.
  • Make my business stand out online
  • Get my phones to ring!

our strategy.

This was easy enough! Within 4 weeks, our team presented several design concepts for the branding as well as mocked up the designs for a brand-new landing page. The client was quick to approve.

From here, our team launched a Google Ads strategy where we concentrated the advertising investment on suburbs in a tight locality to ensure the locksmith could attend the booking within 45 minutes. We narrowed down the keywords which had a reasonable search volume, cost per click average and low keyword density (competition) and launched the campaign.

the outcome.

A new website, a strategic communication strategy followed by detailed execution with paid advertising led to the following:

  • Averages 7,000 monthly ad impressions on Google
  • Averages approximately 350 clicks per month
  • Generates approximately 120 phone calls monthly
  • Call to sale conversion rate is 40% which means approximately 50 jobs are booked monthly.
  • Each job is worth an average $140 netting $7,000 in revenue
  • For every dollar spent, $4.60 is generated. What a great return!
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