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web development.

A brand’s website is perhaps its most important consumer touchpoint and is critical to the brand’s experience.

Well-versed across platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Magento and Wix, we can take care of the whole site build.
From ideation to planning, to design and copywriting, we turn your vision into reality.

  • Our in-house team of 3 developers are experienced with HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP & SQL. Our team is full-stack, and expands to include content and copywriters.
  • When it comes to development our team work incredibly fast and on deadline to ensure efficiency all around—and leave no stones unturned in the development process.
  • We’ve developed over 200 sites, and we can work to any budget—we won’t be beaten on value.

platforms we work with

web development, web development, pointdot
web development, web development, pointdot
web development, web development, pointdot
web development, web development, pointdot
web development, web development, pointdot
web development, web development, pointdot
web development, web development, pointdot
web development, web development, pointdot
web development, web development, pointdot
web development, web development, pointdot

our action plan.

A website is a digital storefront for businesses large and small. In today’s interconnected world, it’s more important than ever to have an online presence that reflects the quality of your products or services. There are many ways to approach website development but if you are in the market for a new website.

Here’s how we do it at pointdot

  • We’ll discuss your company’s goals.
  • We can provide you a free quote.
  • Our team will put together a site map.
  • We’ll ask you to complete a briefing form.
  • Our copywriter, designer & developer will begin work.
  • We will go live as soon as your site’s ready!
web development, web development, pointdot
web development, web development, pointdot

We love it! It was a tall ask with several different decision makers, but the team at pointdot delivered the goods.

-Anna C


The Cat & Fiddle Hotel

When engaged, we were working with an antiquated website that hadn’t been redeveloped for more than 7 years.

Our immediate plan of attack was to understand the heritage of this well known institution located in the Inner West of Sydney. From here, our team took complete lead on the overhaul of the website, which of course included, getting it to rank in Google search with an SEO campaign.

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frequently asked questions.

What is a CMS?

A CMS, or content management system, is a software application that helps users create, manage, and publish content for websites. Content can include text, images, videos, and more. A CMS typically has two components: a back-end interface for managing content, and a front-end interface for displaying content to website visitors. There are many different types of CMSs available, ranging from simple applications designed for small websites to complex systems that power some of the largest websites in the world. Some popular CMSs include WordPress, Shopify, and Wix. While a CMS can be very helpful in creating and managing a website, it is not always necessary. For example, many people choose to build websites using only HTML code instead of using a CMS, this is known as a custom site. At pointdot, our team is adept in building across most CMS types. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Is it important for my business to have a website?

In today’s business world, having a strong online presence is more important than ever. Customers are increasingly researching potential purchases on the internet, and a well-designed website can be a powerful tool for attracting new business. A website allows you to showcase your products or services in a user-friendly format, reach a larger audience, and establish credibility for your company. Furthermore, a website is a low-cost investment that can yield a high return.

Websites make it simple for customers to learn more about your company and what it has to offer. You can increase the likelihood that potential customers will choose to do business with you by providing them with information about your products or services. Having a website enables you to develop relationships with your customers and provide a level of customer service that is not possible with other marketing channels.

Landing Pages vs Websites. Which do I require?

In the world of digital marketing, there is often a lot of confusion around the terms websites and landing pages.  A landing page, on the other hand, is a single web page that is intended to capture leads or sell a product. So, which do you require? The answer is determined by your company’s objectives. A website is required if you want to raise brand awareness or provide information about your products and services. A landing page, on the other hand, is required if you have a specific goal in mind, such as generating leads or making sales. In short, it all comes down to what you want to accomplish.

How much does it cost to build a new website?

Building a new website can be a big investment, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. The cost of a website depends on a number of factors, including the size and scope of the project, the amount of content and functionality that needs to be built, and the design aesthetic that you’re going for. In general, websites can range in cost from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. However, there are ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. For example, working with an experienced web development team can help to streamline the process and reduce the overall cost. Additionally, using open-source content management systems (CMS) can also save you money while still providing all of the features and functionality that you need. By carefully planning your project and being mindful of your budget, you can build a beautiful and effective website without spending a fortune.

Do you provide after-sales support for your websites?

Websites require regular maintenance to stay up to date with the latest security patches, content, and design trends. Many website owners struggle to find the time to keep their websites up to date, which can result in security flaws and visitor loss. Pointdot, fortunately, can assist. We provide website upkeep services such as regular updates, security monitoring, and performance optimisation. We can also handle larger changes like redesigns or plugin upgrades. By entrusting your website to pointdot, you can be confident that it will remain secure and functional for many years to come.

How long will it take to complete my website project?

The time it takes to complete a website project can vary depending on a variety of factors. The timeline is determined by the size and complexity of the site, the number of pages, and the amount of content. Furthermore, the availability of resources and the team’s skill level can have an impact on the project’s duration.

In general, most websites can be completed in one to two months. Larger or more complex sites, on the other hand, may take longer to complete. Finally, consulting with our professional web development team at pointdot is the best way to get an accurate estimate for your project. We’ll be able to assess your specific requirements and provide you with a more detailed completion timeline.