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Our all-inclusive approach smokes other agencies. It includes everything from creative design, ad copywriting, campaign build, and ongoing management and reporting for a fixed-fee, that can’t be matched!

  • We guarantee to grow your business using social media paid advertising over 90-days. If we don’t get the results you seek, we’ll work for free.
  • Our all-inclusive, fixed price approach appeals to business owners—it’s one price and you get the lot. We seldom charge extras or bill on a sliding scale.
marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot

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marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot
marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot
marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot
marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot
marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot
marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot
marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot
marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot
marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot
marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot

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Paid social media advertising is the most visible way to increase sales and credibility. We have a meticulous process that we have tried, tested, and perfected at pointdot.

Here's a taste of what's to come:

  • We learn about your business.
  • We’ll evaluate competitors.
  • We design creatives (no extra cost).
  • We’ll make winning, scroll-stopping ads.
  • We’ll set up and track your ads.
  • We’ll tweak and perfect your campaigns.

Let’s take your business to the next level and get social!

marketing agency, social media paid advertising, pointdot
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Pointdot achieved amazing results in a short turn around time. – CEO


The AAF.

Discover how we built a brand for The Australian Academy Of Football using Social Media Paid Advertising as the key growth strategy. This case study is proof you don’t need a huge budget for growth.

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frequently asked questions.

How do I grow using social media advertising?

Do you believe that social media is only used to raise brand awareness? Consider again. With an integrated social media advertising strategy, you can expect your leads to grow and your revenue to skyrocket.

A winning social media strategy is required if you want to make real money on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok.  One that not only connects with your current customers, but also generates a large number of new ones. And that’s exactly what our social media services are here to help you with.

At pointdot, our team knows how to create revenue-shifting social media advertising campaigns that fill your funnel and help your business grow. It’s not about vanity metrics with us. It all comes down to testing, measuring, learning and curating campaigns that will move the needle and deliver real and tangible results.

What is the cost of social media advertising?

The goal of any social media marketing campaign is to maximise the return on investment (ROI).  There are numerous factors that go into determining how much social media advertising will cost for one month (or a year) on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or TikTok.

If you invest more than $10,000 per month, we often negotiate a fee which is based on your media spend. In most instances, a fixed fee of $700 to $2,000 is charged depending on the level of effort which is required by our team. Our rates include copywriting, graphic design, campaign management, reporting, and other services. The more resources your campaigns necessitate, the higher our service fees may be; don’t worry, we are still competitively priced and will always over deliver.

When deciding on how much you should spend in advertising across varying platforms, the best place to begin is with your goals in sight. Whilst we can use unit economics such as average costs per click, CPM, click through rates and many other data points, in the end it always comes down to what it’s costing the client (you) to acquire that sale. Requesting a strategy from our team is the best way to understand the intricacies of social media advertising. Depending on the level of effort required from our team to manage your ads, we’ll evaluate your current presence and advertising performance before recommending an omni-channel game plan for success. This is by far the most accurate method of determining what needs to be done and how much money needs to be invested in order to meet your business objectives.

How important are creatives for social advertising?

We frequently see businesses that are intimidated by the process of designing and creating new assets for use in social media ads. Below, we’ll delve deeper into the significance of creativity in social media advertising.

Some marketers will tell you that the best way to win on social media is to create eye-catching ads that make you stop scrolling. Other marketers will try to persuade you that your ads should look more native and blend in with the platform. The truth is always found in the middle. Both can work very well depending on the type of business you run and your branding elements such as colours, fonts, language and vision. Most of the time, you won’t know which path to take when designing creatives for your social media ads campaign, so the best thing to do is to try a variety of approaches and always experiment. Once you’ve discovered something that works, scale it quickly and do more of it.

Whether you hire a marketing agency in Sydney or create your own creative assets, remember to experiment with different formats such as videos, static image graphics, GIFs, and much more to see what your audience responds to best. Too many brands fail to conduct adequate testing. In a constantly changing world, you must always be on trend and ready to adapt your creatives to new interests, hypes and crazes.

The importance of copywriting for social media advertising?

That’s correct. Copywriting. You will win the war of words if you get the words correct!

If you’re writing short, sharp sentences, make sure you’re articulate. One thought per sentence will appeal to those with a shorter attention span, whereas long form copy will tell a story and, of course, appeal to those with more time who enjoy a bit of drama. Your copywriting will be heard, seen, and appreciated, so make it unique and be authentic.

Remember, you’re up against videos of dogs wearing glasses and people dancing in front of cameras because that’s the new normal. Your copywriting should help you stand out from the crowd by emphasizing your brand’s personality on social media. The primary goal of creating killer social media copy should be to create an emotional connection with your potential customers and convert them. Your copy should elicit questions, address FOMO, and subtly guide the consumer to the end goal.

How to target your social media advertising effectively?

Work with, not against, the social media algorithms!

Too many marketers believe they know more than the social media platforms on which they advertise. While marketing principles such as correctly segmenting audiences and understanding who your consumer is, should not be ignored, you shouldn’t ignore the simple truth. Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, and other social media behemoths did not invest billions of dollars in technology and machine learning for you to ignore platform capabilities. This means you should avoid confining yourself to a specific niche. Instead of narrowing your audience targeting, have faith in the algorithm and remember that it was designed to find you the best customers. When considering the aforementioned, keep in mind that your digital marketing agency should be familiar with the various capabilities of each platform and, as a result, will understand how to build varying audience segments within your advertising campaigns.

How soon should I expect results from social media ads?

A client of ours recently made the mistake (or potentially brilliance) in launching his business on Facebook and Instagram without first optimising for performance. He didn’t know that when you’re running ads, there are some days where nothing happens – even though people are engaging with the ads we created. Whilst acquiring results instantly is possible, it’s certainly not as common as the campaigns need time to understand who we are targeting, what we are advertising and who we are advertising too. Often, you need weeks or months of performance testing and data analysis before you find the winning recipe. This is exactly why you need a marketing agency in Sydney like pointdot.

For any type of digital advertising, a 30-90 day window is recommended, but this can vary depending on how engaged your audience currently appears. If they are merely passive consumers rather than active participants in conversations or feedback loops around ideas, expect a 2-3 month performance uptake. What happens during these two phases is largely determined by several key factors, such as the specific campaign strategies used and how well your audience responds to your marketing communications.

If you want to get started right away, we recommend scheduling a strategy session with our talented team at pointdot, who can help you navigate the complexities of social media advertising.

How do pointdot ensure social media advertising success?

Our team at pointdot are Facebook and LinkedIn marketing partners. This means that we are trained and certified to skilfully manage your advertising investment and crush your campaigns.


The ability to receive immediate feedback is one of the most significant advantages of working with our talented social media advertising team. We can quickly assess the effectiveness of your social media marketing and delve into the platform analytics to see where we can improve. Typically, 80% of our budget is dedicated to the core objective of your campaign, with a minor allocation of around 20% always devoted to testing new strategies that tip the scales. Our team A/B tests different audiences, creatives, and communications to see how one ad compares to another and which has a higher click-through rate. This allows us to fine-tune your strategy and create the most engaging and conversion-focused LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok ads.

Are you ready to take your social media advertising strategy to the next level? Book an obligation free strategy call with our team today.