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client challenges.

  • Lexus Macarthur bought a 15 second placement for an advertisement to run at Event Cinemas at Ed Square.
  • They needed to get the ad story boarded, planned, shot and edited in the space of 1 week.
  • Not only did the ad need to be super short but it also needed to make the viewers aware of the placement of the Lexus dealership and the vicinity to the cinema at Ed Square. On top of this, it needed to be entertaining, engaging and drive in customers into their dealership.

our strategy.

  • We got right to work, storyboarding the shots while also putting out casting calls for paid actors who fit the brief.
  • We created the campaign’s “hero shot” once we knew who we were using and what the ad would look like. Our plan was to turn off all of the dealership lights at once, leaving only a pair of Lexus headlights visible in the darkness. We needed to coordinate with the Lexus marketing team at Macarthur as well as Head Office for this idea because it was against protocol to turn off the dealership lights at night.
  • Our time on set was limited because we only had a short window to shoot in, so it was a fast-paced environment with moving tripods and lights everywhere. Luc even drove out to Ed Square to get a box of popcorn for our actor to hold while speaking. We were able to connect the viewers in the cinema to our ad on screen in this way.
  • There were numerous challenges on the day, as to be expected from any shot. but quick thinking and a positive attitude can overcome any last-minute script changes and technical difficulties.
  • The edit came next. This process took some time because we had to match up multiple cameras and shots to make it look as seamless as possible. We sent a rough draft to the marketing team, and after a few minor revisions, we arrived at the colour grade.
  • We delivered the final cut to the Lexus team on time and with a positive attitude after a nice polish. The next step was to wait.

the outcome.

  • The Lexus team was impressed and admired the speed in which our team where able to deliver the video and get it live on the cinema screen in Ed Square!
  • The film is now playing before every single session at Events Cinema Ed Square for the rest of 2022.
  • The Lexus team informed us that our advertisement would reach over 50,000 locals throughout the course of the campaign.
  • In terms of scale and delivery time, it was unquestionably a pointdot record-breaking experience.
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