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client challenges.

When we met Cobra Waste they were working with another agency. Our team at pointdot audited all the marketing. Here are some of our findings:

  • Website hadn’t been updated since the business started
  • Ad creatives were updated seldom (once every 6-9 months)
  • Ad budget was being wasted in the USA (approximately $3k/month)
  • Google search ads were not being optimised with very infrequent in-platform optimisations occurring.
  • With the overall investment, the return on ad spend was 1:1 which meant once costs were removed, the business was losing money.

our strategy.


To move the needle fast our team proposed to redevelop the Cobra Waste website and add e-commerce functionality so that consumers could ‘Book A Bin Online’ in less than 2 minutes. This opened a whole new market of opportunity.


From here, we decided to overhaul the message and move away from price penetration marketing (discounting) and rather focus on the convenience of the newly built online platform.


Utilising Facebook paid advertising, Google Ads and of course by optimising the newly built website (SEO), we were able to finally put Cobra Waste on the front foot.

the outcome.

A new website, a strategic communication strategy followed by detailed execution with paid advertising led to the following:

  • 480,000 average monthly reach across Social & Google platforms
  • 350 average inbound & tracked phone calls from our ads monthly
  • 75 average monthly Facebook Messenger initiations
  • Average of 50 monthly online bookings from 0.
  • Revenue increase from $20k to $80k per month/average
  • 4x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) compared to previous agency results
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