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How To Create Compelling Video Content Across Platforms

Video production is more about connecting with your audience and keeping them engaged, and not just making informative or visually stunning content. This is especially important in the age of information, where video content reigns supreme.

Today, a staggering 91% of businesses have integrated video into their marketing strategies. From the short, snappy reels of Instagram to the extensive tutorials on YouTube, video content has found its home across diverse platforms, catering to varied audiences.

Harnessing the power and navigating the intricacies of each platform can seem daunting, but with the right approach, creating videos as part of your marketing strategy becomes an art form worth mastering. This article discusses the strategies and insights that can help you create upload-worthy video content.

Choosing The Right Platform

Various digital platforms each offer their unique flavour and audience. For example,

  • YouTube is the go-to for in-depth content, from tutorials to documentaries.
  • Instagram reels capture moments in snappy, engaging snippets.
  • TikTok thrives on trends and quick entertainment.
  • Facebook bridges generational gaps, offering a mix of content types.

Video platforms have their strengths and challenges. That’s why aligning your content with the platform’s ethos and audience expectations is crucial. For instance, a detailed do-it-yourself (DIY) might flourish on YouTube but may need a quicker, summarised version for TikTok.

Crafting A Compelling Story

At the heart of every memorable video lies a compelling story. And it isn’t just about visuals, no matter how slick your video is. Often, it’s the narrative that captures and holds attention. Consider the difference between the following:

  • A travel blog showcasing scenic views
  • A travel blog narrating a backpacker’s journey, the challenges faced, and the joy of discovering hidden gems

The latter offers a story, a journey for viewers to embark upon. Crafting such narratives can elevate your content from being merely watchable to unforgettable.

In the following section, the article dives into the art of storytelling in video content and shares insights on weaving narratives that resonate.

The Art of Weaving Narratives In Video Content

Storytelling in video content isn’t just about relaying events; it’s about creating an experience, evoking emotions, and building a connection with the viewer. Here’s how to craft narratives that resonate:

  • Understand Your Audience

Know whom you’re speaking to. Tailor your story to resonate with the audience’s interests, values, and emotions.

For instance, a Gen Z audience might appreciate a fast-paced, trendy narrative, while older audiences might resonate with nostalgia or in-depth explorations.

  • Build A Strong Opening

Capture attention from the get-go. Your opening scene should intrigue, surprise, or evoke curiosity.

Consider a travel video that starts with a breathtaking aerial shot of a hidden waterfall, instantly drawing viewers into the journey.

  • Develop Relatable Characters

Whether it’s a brand mascot, a regular person, or even an animated character, ensure they evoke empathy or relatability.

A tech tutorial can be made engaging with a tech newbie character, making mistakes and learning along with the audience.

  • Incorporate Conflict And Resolution

Every good story has challenges or conflicts that are eventually resolved. This structure keeps viewers engaged and invested in the outcome.

In a product video, showcase a common problem your target audience faces and then introduce your product as the solution.

  • Use Visual And Auditory Elements To Enhance The Narrative

Music, sound effects, and visual transitions can amplify emotions and pace.

A suspenseful moment can be heightened with the right background score, while a transition can indicate a shift in time or mood.

  • Conclude With A Memorable Ending

Leave your audience with a thought, a call to action, or a memorable scene that lingers even after the video ends. A video on environmental conservation can end with a powerful image of a thriving forest, urging viewers to take action.

Remember, the essence of storytelling lies in its authenticity. Be genuine in your narrative, and your audience will connect with it.

Technical Aspects Of Video Creation

While a compelling narrative is the soul of a video, its technical foundation ensures the story is delivered seamlessly. Think of it this way:

  • A beautifully scripted scene can lose impact with poor lighting.
  • A heartfelt dialogue might go unnoticed amidst muffled sounds.
  • A picturesque shot can be ruined by shaky framing.

Navigating the world of video shooting essentials—like lighting, sound, and framing—is just the beginning. Couple that with the myriad editing tools available, and you’ve got a recipe for top-notch content.

But it doesn’t end there.

How To Create Compelling Video Content Across Platforms

Optimising For Search And Discoverability

With the number of videos on the internet (YouTube alone has around 500 hours’ worth of videos uploaded every minute), ensuring your video stands out is paramount. But how do you ensure your video doesn’t get lost in the shuffle?

The answer often lies in video search engine optimisation (SEO). Video SEO refers to using tags, crafting compelling descriptions, and selecting eye-catching thumbnails.

There are many KPIs (key performance indicators) that you can measure to track the success of your video content. The specific KPIs that you track will depend on your specific goals for your video marketing campaign. However, some common KPIs include the following:

  • Views
  • Engagement
  • Unique users
  • Watch time
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate

Mastering these elements ensures that your content isn’t just created but also discovered by the right audience.


In the digital age, video is a powerful way to tell stories, share knowledge, and connect with people. When creating a video, it’s important to consider your audience, your message, and the platform you’re using. Also, ensure your video is technically sound and optimised for discoverability.

The key is to strike a balance between art and science. Tell a compelling story, but use the right techniques to make your video look and sound professional.

The most important thing is to be authentic. Be yourself and let your personality shine through in your videos.

If you can do all of these things, you’ll be well on your way to creating videos that not only get viewed but also remembered.


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