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Social Media Management

Social Media is a valuable tool for customer connection that demands the right attention from every business.

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Photography & Design

Visual identity curated via photography and graphic design is critical in the evolving world of digital marketing.

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By 2025, 90% of consumable content will be video. So it’s essential for any brand’s digital marketing, to accelerate their presence.

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Social Media Paid Advertising

Social Media Advertising is the quickest and most cost effective way to reach a targeted audience, and generate business revenue.

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Google Paid Advertising

Whether it be Google Search, Google Shopping or Google Display Advertising, our team has you covered.

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Email Marketing

A vastly underutilised tool, email marketing opens a direct line of personalized communication with customers.

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Technical SEO

Not on page one of Google Search? Then you better get started. SEO is a non-negotiable requirement for brand growth.

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Local SEO

Do you rely on foot traffic? Improving the visibility of your maps and local citations is a sure way to acquire more business!

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Website Development

A brand’s website is perhaps it’s most important consumer touchpoint, and critical to the brand’s experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a marketing agency?

We aren’t the jack of all trades, but we are the masters of some. We employee highly talented people across various facets of marketing, advertising and creativity, leveraging their skills to support each and every client. At pointdot, we have at least one of every specialist and sometimes two or three, ensuring we are able to meet your growth objectives.

Simply put, agencies like ours at pointdot provide invaluable, external resources to business owners of all sizes, affording you access to brilliant minds who become an extension of your team. We provide strategic, creative and insightful services to our clients and are able to work collaboratively as a team. We are agile, work speedily and are able to drive marketing outcomes for the brands at a much more reasonable cost than employing everyone directly within your business.

Would my business benefit from digital marketing?

The answer is yes! We haven’t encountered a business in the 21st century who could say otherwise. The world of marketing has evolved and being proactive with digital marketing is an unavoidable reality. If your business is not online, you are unable to connect with potential customers and showcase your value in the best possible regard. We encourage all businesses shine on social media and consider strategic ways to be found online.

What guarantee’s can pointdot offer?

We put our money where our mouth is. Since 2016, we have pledged to all new clients who we partner with that if we don’t get you results within 90-days, we’ll work with you for free until we do. This is strictly related to paid advertising services and terms and conditions may apply. Ask our team how you can take advantage of our guarantee and see if you qualify today.

What is it like working with a marketing agency?

At pointdot, our consultative approach makes the experience of partnering with a marketing agency a pleasurable one. Typically, you will lease with an appointed Account Director who will manage your day-to-day requirements. This person is supported by the technical departments such as strategists, paid advertising traders, SEO specialists and much more. The beauty about this arrangement is that you can access our whole team just by becoming a client and partnering with us. Unfortuantely, we don’t work with everyone. To see if you qualify, enquire with us today. We look forward to meeting you!

What channels do you specialise in?

Digital marketing is our forte at pointdot. The services we specialise include SEO, PPC, Paid Social Marketing, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Social Media Management and Display Advertising. We have dedicated team members in each role, allowing us to provide you with unparalleled support, where needed.

What will it cost me to partner with pointdot?

Pricing is not an uncomfortable conversation for us at pointdot, and nor should it be. Our model is quite simple, we don’t do packages and focus on providing a tailored experience to each and every client. Should you be the right fit for us and visa versa, we bill you once-monthly on either a fixed fee or as a percentage on media spend. Our fees are always based on effort and resourcing. Book an enquiry with our team today for more information.

How do I determine an advertising budget?

Advertising budgets, also known as media budgets are dynamic, meaning they constantly changed and are totally flexible. Budgets for paid advertising on Google or Meta are determined by unit economics such as average cost per clicks, click through rates, conversion rates and other economics which our team use to recommend budgets to you. Another determining factor is the platform which we are advertising on and the size of the market you are trying to penetrate. At pointdot, we take you through this whole process, so that you can find confidence in our solutions.



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1 page marketing plan.

Since 2016, pointdot has grown by adopting the same marketing principles in this 1-page plan, into our own agency and business. We have grown from a 2-person team, to a team of 11 super talented marketers. Download your free copy of this brilliant 1-page marketing plan and begin growing your business!

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